Hot Shots League

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Hot Shots League is an extension of our Hot Shots Coaching program, which introduces children to the game of tennis.

[Insert Club Name] hosts a Hot Shots League to encourage children who are motivated to try their hand at competitive tennis.

This competition is designed to provide children aged 7-11 who are already learning tennis the chance to play against their peers in a friendly competition. The Hot Shots League provides a team experience for young children, who are encouraged to be supportive of each other.

All children playing Hot Shots tennis over the age of 7 are welcome to participate in the Hot Shots League.

Key Features of Hot Shots League Matches:


Local program (delivered by national registered clubs/coaches, associations)


Shorter matches, with defined start and finish times (60-75 minutes)


Smaller courts, racquets and softer balls to suit your child’s age and skill level


Parents are encouraged to come and support their children


Minimum 2 player teams


Singles and doubles formats


Short seasons, held during school terms

Green Ball Match Play (9 – 11 Years Old)

Aimed at children who have some experience in playing the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through participating regularly in Hot Shots Coaching, or have progressed from an Orange Ball Match Play program.

Orange Ball Match Play (7 – 10 Years Old)

Aimed at children who are beginning to play the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or at their local school.

Competition Days

Competition are held on at


Our Hotshots League is available for registration on a term by term basis. Each term consists of X competition days and costs $X per child.

Join the Hot Shots League Competition

To register your child for <>’s Hot Shots League, please contact [Insert name] by email at <> or phone on 0000 222 000. Or to see if [CLUB NAME] is a great fit for your child please sign them up for A Free Trial Lesson.