Mid Week Competition

Put your skills to the test

The [Insert Club Name] Tennis Club has mid week competitions for both women and men. Club membership is required to be able to participate in these competitions.

Women’s Competition/s

[Insert Club Name] enters teams in the [Insert Name] association on [Insert day/s] and in the [Insert Name] association on [Insert day/s].

This /these competition season/s run twice a year. If you would like more information, please fill in the form below and a member of our women’s team will be in contact.

Men’s Competition/s

[Insert Name] Tennis Association, provides the highest standard of competitive tennis for [Insert Age range] (optional:) in the [Insert region name].

This men’s competition is played on [Insert Day/s and Times] and the club regularly enters teams in the various sections. For more information about this competition format, please contact [Insert Name of Contact], click here or fill in the form below.


The year is divided into [Insert Number] seasons, with breaks between seasons,

Season One
Starts DATE
Concludes DATE
X Weeks

Season Two
Starts DATE
Concludes DATE
X Weeks


The cost to play Mid Week Competition is $XX for the season per player and you can register to play by completing the form below. This fee covers balls, team registration and a club playing Polo shirt.