Premier League Competition

Put your skills to the test

Tennis [Insert Name of Comp] Premier League competition is one of the most comprehensive interclub representative competitions in the country with over [Insert Number] junior and adult players representing [Insert Number] clubs.

[Insert League /Comp Name] is played during the [Insert Dates: e.g. Summer season: Jan – March] and is played over [Insert number] weeks, plus finals.

Play begins at [Insert time] on a Saturday or Sunday morning for Women and at [Insert Time] on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for Men.

The format consists of singles and doubles played on alternate weeks, with all rubbers the best of three tie break sets. The Men’s Masters (age 45+) and Men’s Open Doubles play a best of 3 tie break sets, doubles only format every week.

[Insert Club Name] offers a Premier League only membership for those who wish to participate in Premier League for [Insert Club Name], but don’t need the unrestricted access to the courts all year round. Please see the membership page for more details.


The cost to play Premier League is $XX for the season per player and you can register to play by completing the form below. This fee covers balls, team registration and a club playing Polo shirt.

Getting started

To get started or for more information, please contact [Insert Name] on 0000-000-000 or on email at <>.